5 Rules to Pick Winning Horses

By "Sprint" and Cathy Rogers of Professional Handicappers Association

Just  5 Rules to Pick Winning Horses and Becoming a Great Handicapper


Hi Cathy, I ordered the picks and they were great.  I made money on the plays so I was very happy.  R.H.

  Hello Cathy, This 5 rule method is the most accurate system you have, I have purchased many products from you and by far this is the best.  Thank you, E. W.

Re: 5 Rules to Pick Winning Horses -

Been hitting winners left and right with your system.  today at finger lakes we had 3 of 6 winners with a $137.00 daily double in races 5 and 6..  race 6 winner paid $33.00.  thanks and keep up the great work. 


I just wanted to Thank you for sending the system. I was very pleased today. when i stopped  by my local otb.

Even though it was raining which i generally don't play on those days I said I'll use the system on paper. Well In the fourth  At Finger Lakes, the rules had eliminated the 3 And & 7 horse. This left the 1,2,4,5,6,and 8 in. This gave me in my opinion the 2 horse as an outstanding play then the 8,and the 5and 6 behind the 8. I flat bet the 2 to win .and the 8. I then bought a 2-8 exacta box and Keyed the 2/856 in tri. Was I PLEASE!! The 2 WON for 19.80.  The #8 completed the exacta for 75.00 and The Tri Hit for 195.00 wish I had played tri straight would of hit for 390.

Well needless to say I am very pleased with your system. Feel it was well worth the money.

Thanks again John

Imagine just 5 rules picked all of these horses to Win

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5 Rules to Pick Winning Horses

Only 5 Rules to becoming a Great Handicapper. These 5 Rules will take you by the hand, step by step and bring you to WINNING HORSES. It is easy. Just follow these 5 rules. It is a step by step method  which not one horse player in thousand understands. The 5 Rules will bring you right to the horse to play to WIN. Now you will know when to eliminate a horse from a race.


Imagine being able to look at an entire card of races and having available to play the very best horses for the day. These 5 Rules bring out horses that win. You can play Maidens, All types of races - Sprints, Routes and Turf. And they may be played successfully at either the track or any off-track establishment or of course on line. These 5 Rules will keep bringing out terrific winners.

And by the way, the most marvelous aspect of this,  is that it eliminates all the guesswork and brings you right to the horse to play. No guessing.

You should be able to handicap a race in minutes and with an accuracy that Is Really Great!

In closing, you can see from the above results that 5 RULES TO PICK WINNING HORSES will result in all prices of horses from favorites to long shots. And of course you can play exactas, trifectas, Pic 3, 4 and 6 with these great live horses.

Just "5 Rules to Pick Winning Horses" will be your BEST WINNING INVESTMENT IN A REAL LONG TIME. It will point you right to the winning horse.

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