By "Sprint" and Cathy Rogers of Professional Handicappers

The Miracle Weapon is undoubtedly the most sophisticated and successful handicapping method ever to be used in the sport of Thoroughbred Horse Racing.

Consider this. When a horse is introduced to speed, it becomes on edge. It becomes very nervous, fractious and unruly. It bites and kicks and will hurt itself or others if it doesn't get back to the track. A horse is usually introduced to speed through a workout. And this is what the Miracle Weapon is all about. It gives you the insider's edge of when a trainer is entering a horse which has been introduced to speed. And horses that have been introduced to speed are horses that WIN races consistently at PRICES THAT CAN BOGGLE THE MIND the mind. Horses that want to run are brought out by the Miracle Weapon. This quick and simple horse evaluation brings you to high priced winners with remarkable ease and speed.

Like our Never Again Plan, the MIRACLE WEAPON doesn't require any hard work or handicapping knowledge. Basically, all you have to find is a horse that has been introduced to speed. This is brought about by our MIRACLE WEAPON which evaluates almost every track and workout center in North America.

The simplicity in rating a horse is what makes this approach to picking potential winners so fascinating. You should be able to handicap a race in minutes and with an accuracy that will amaze you. Remember live horses are the only horses that win races and most all live horses have been introduced to speed prior to their winning race.

SPECIAL NOTE: The MIRACLE WEAPON does not use BULLET WORKOUTS, NUMBER OF WORKOUTS, RANKING NUMBERS OR WORKOUT FREQUENCY to evaluate a live horse. As far as we know their has never been any other introduction of our Miracle Weapon anywhere in the world.

The MIRACLE WEAPON is NOT NEW. We introduced it as a Limited Edition 9 years ago which we sold only 25 copies at $500.00 each. We restricted the sale to the first 25 buyers because we did not wish to affect our prices. Because of the time that has passed we are now at liberty to introduce this revised edition to all fans that would like to be in possession of this CLASSIC method of picking WINNING horses. But again we are going to be restricted.

We are introducing for a very limited time, in fact as a SPECIAL our MIRACLE WEAPON for an unbelievable LOW PRICE of only $75.00. But since you are already a past customer we are going to give you a full credit for the $25 as an additional discount which will bring your cost of the MIRACLE WEAPON to

ONLY $50.00.

As I mentioned, this is going to be a a very limited, restricted offer, so if you would like to possess the knowledge  you must ACT NOW!!

We have decided to put a cap on the number of people that we wish to have purchase the MIRACLE WEAPON now.

In closing, I am going to leave you with the idea of being able to pick HIGH PRICED PAYOFFS. The MIRACLE WEAPON picks $16.00 - $20.00 - $30.00- $40.00 payoffs with ease. 

You can download/print the MIRACLE WEAPON right off the internet when you order. And be using it just a few minutes later.

You may order on line by any of the following secure ordering methods.  I am sure you will enjoy using our MIRACLE WEAPON.

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