Selecting Winning Horses the Las Vegas Way


Thanks for giving us the opportunity to introduce you to the greatest Thoroughbred Handicapping On Line Movie, SELECTING WINNING HORSES THE LAS VEGAS WAY. 

This is the same handicapping method that is taught by the Professional Handicappers Association in classroom instruction (seminars) throughout the United States and Canada for $395.00. This movie which is hosted by both "Sprint" and Cathy Rogers of the Professional Handicappers Association is actually more valuable than the seminars that they used to conduct. This movie offers you the opportunity of being able to replay it over and over and over again until you are completely in control of it's total meaning. It also allows you to play it whenever you wish as a refresher course. Just imagine having 2 of the nations foremost handicapping teachers in your living room any time of the day or night and personally teaching you everything that you need to know about being a Professional Handicapper or picking winners as if you were one. This is truly the greatest way to educate one self because it allows you to learn at your own pace and at any time period that you elect.


The Professional Handicappers Association is going to teach you a complete method of handicapping (from A to Z) that will direct you to horses that win. No fooling around with place or show bets, they're going to teach you to play horses to win only. You will bring out horses that are in condition and properly placed who are waiting to be played and they will burn up the track, beating the weaker contenders. You will have plenty of daily action, betting only one horse to win per race. And handling their Money Management procedure properly should give you a better than 75 % chance of walking out of the track a BIG SUCCESS.

This methodology takes you by the hand, step by step and brings you to a horse which requires one of the two factors. And if it's there, you know that you are in possession of a ready-to-win horses. This is the easiest way you have ever seen and not one horse player in thousand understands the principles of handicapping that the Colonel's "Sprint" and Cathy Rogers, the nation's #1 handicapping teachers, are going to teach you. Imagine being able to look at an entire card of races and having available to play the very best horses for the day. Their method brings out horses that win under all conditions - Sprints, Routes, Turf -and weather is no factor. And they may be played successfully at either the track or any off-track establishment. Their instruction will keep bringing out a remarkable number of winners. and Daily Doubles, Triples, Trifectas or any exotic wagering stand out when you have true, fit, ready and able horses.

Sounds Fantastic, I Know. But Words Don't make

Winners At The Track.

If you want to be a good handicapper, if you are interested in possessing the knowledge of how to intelligently read the Daily Racing Form, if you want to know when to excuse a horse's poor performance for distance, class, off track, off rest, equipment or jockey changes, trouble or time away from the races, and if you would like to learn how to overcome the biggest problem in racing - that is how to separate the contenders - then be sure to order this fantastic Movie. And by the way, the most marvelous aspect of this, the greatest course in racing, is that it eliminates all guesswork and brings you to the exact same horse that the Colonels would come up with if they were handicapping the same race.

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Reminder: This is the same handicapping method that is taught by the Professional Handicappers Association in classroom instruction (seminars) throughout the United States and Canada for $395.00.


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