for Selecting Winning Thoroughbred Horses!

By Professional Handicappers  - Never Again Plan Software 2004





Many people have been asking to design software so they do not have to make any decisions or spend any time handicapping horses! This is the same as our Never Again Plan method.

Well we Listened and it's Finished!!!

And It Picks your Selections all in Just Seconds


All New Never Again Plan Software Picks Winner after Winner

and Exotics like Exactas, Trifectas and Superfectas!

Imagine having your Win Selections and Exotics picked for you!

No More Work!

The software picks the Win Plays and Exotics FOR YOU!!

Your Win Selections And Exotics are available In Just Seconds!!!



Recent Testimonials

I've used the software for a few weeks with some success. I really do appreciate the simplicity of the software. Thank you - Ron S

Nice start for never again in the 1st at Pimlico on May 21. $52.20 Ex.$548.80 Tri, Superfecta $1500.40.  The rest of the day was good on all  plans. thank you.  Marshall

Just had to send you this email even though I know you may be busy or at the track already today on Preakness Stakes Day. The first race at Pimlico using the NAP software on the NAP1 picks and the Exotic picks the system hit the exacta (just on the two NAP1 selections), the trifecta and the superfecta (using the exotic picks - just 4 horses). I only played the exacta sorry to say but I am really starting to believe in this system. The following are the payoffs:
Exacta  $52.20
Trifecta  $548.80
Superfecta $1500.40
Wish I had played them all.  Boy would that have been a nice start to the day. Joe

I am using your Never again Plan now with good results. M

Hi Cathy & Sprint. I purchased the software. Thanks and Congratulations on product. R.G.

I have been investing in the Never Again Program over 3 weeks now and I am very pleased with the results - 50 % Wins. - P.D.

 You don't have to know anything about Thoroughbred Horse Racing or computer programming. All the intricacies of the software have been reduced to just a few keystrokes. Anyone can run the software.

Every race of the day is handicapped at the same time so that you do not have to carry a computer around with you at the track.

And BEST OF ALL you can get Results like above using the ALL NEW NEVER AGAIN PLAN SOFTWARE in just a couple of minutes!!

We are introducing the THE  NEVER AGAIN PLAN SOFTWARE to the public at the price of only $395.00.

The software is downloaded right from your computer immediately after you order. No waiting to be sent the software in the mail. And it downloads in just minutes. You will be running the software right away. Full easy instructions included. You have an option of either displaying the reports on your computer screen or Printing them.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Your system must be IBM compatible, have Microsoft Windows Version 98, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7.

For US and Canadian Thoroughbred Tracks.

Never Again Plan Software uses the data from To use the ALL NEW NEVER AGAIN PLAN software, you simply download a race card file (costs only $.50 per track per day) from on the Internet. It takes less than one minute. There is absolutely no data entry required to use ALL NEW NEVER AGAIN PLAN SOFTWARE. Our software is compatible with Bloodstock Research or BRIS.

With the ALL NEW NEVER AGAIN PLAN Software there is no inputting data on your part to run the program. Just download the track data and transfer it to the ALL NEW NEVER AGAIN PLAN PROGRAM. The program does the rest.

The software also includes a demo data track file for you to download as an example to get you started.


And of course we offer full email support for you. Any questions please email us at



We accept American Express, Master Card, Visa, Debit Cards,  Discover. We also accept savings or checking accounts.

ONLY $395.00

Special Note: After you have placed your order below you must click on  "RETURN TO MERCHANT" button in order to be able to to download the " All New Never Again Plan Software " And you can download the software immediately.


You do not need an account with Paypal .

Click on "Pay With a Credit Card - If you don't have A Pay Pal Account". You can make just a single purchase.

I am sure you will enjoy using  All New Never Again Plan Software. If you have any questions please email us at




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