Just want to say thanks for your No Handicapping System. Hit 2 horses yesterday.1 paid $36 for$3 the other paid
$92 for $4 but the amazing thing is I hit 6 races in a row today using your system. I did not make a lot of money it had mostly lower favorites picked,  but I did make money every race just betting $2. The system is amazing. If you ever need testimonial let me know. But i hope you quit selling it so we get the best odds LOL Alton.

I tried your method for the 1st time. I worked it on 4 tracks. Had the winner in the top 2 almost every race. Had the exacta cold in about half the races. Don't know how you came up with this but this is very impressive and very easy.


Dear Sprint and Cathy Rogers.

I realized that I have the best system in the world, in winning, in making money, in the races, and I started to capital on it , and thank god , only 3 month's ago I really understand and went to the bottom of the thinking behind the Never again plan. I had a vision and I was enlighted, and I started to have a positive ROI first in my life! Well I never become the rich guy I dreamed on, or to catch a 1000$ trifecta , but with the help of the greatest system on earth, the Never again plan,

I am making money and investing smartly in the races.

Sprint, Cathy thank you very much, it was worth every penny I paid for it, and more!!!

May god give you peace and health,

Thank you,


Hello Sprint. If I may call you that? I'm one of those guys who knew you had a winning system before I ever downloaded it. I've been using the morning line for 2 years on longshots with little success. I can't believe it took me so long to run into you. Well better late than never. Its a winner and I thank you for giving it away at $39.95. 

Thanks much. David.

  Subject: Thank You

I wanted to thank you for your help this year. Utilizing your Never Again Plan and the PHA way of Total Controlled Investing, I am pleased to report that I have grossed over $45,000 in profits so far this year. I usually play the horses two or three times a week via simulcast on Wednesday and/or Saturday and/or Sunday afternoons and/or evenings. Using NAP and TCI, I select the best picks from the best races from all available tracks and construct trifecta and superfecta wheels to bet. Thanks to you, these "premium key plays" have yielded an average of $5,000 per month in profits over the first 9 months working at what I consider to be a part-time basis.  In closing, I want to thank you again for making my horse playing both pleasurable and profitable. Rich S

I want to tell you how amazed I am with the Never Again Plan. I've been playing it on paper ever since I found it late Friday night and the way it picks out the winners in races that qualify is just uncanny! That is some kind of algorithm you came up with; sure would like to know how you figured it out. I figure if you came up with that, your software should be verrrrry interesting, as well. I downloaded your free offer, the $49 course, I can see there's a lot to learn. I particularly appreciate the money management parts.
It makes a whole lot more sense. Thanks, L.W.

Dear "Sprint" & Cathy,
Tried the Never Again Plan for the 1st time on Charles Town last night. With $5 straight bets & $1 exacta
boxes (paper investments for the test) I won 4 out of 6 races for a net profit of $25.10 ($43.40 in wins & $18.30 in losses to carry over)! Not bad for a first try! 

I purchased NAP well over a year ago and have had much more success
with it than any other product I have tried. Thank you very much. David

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Rogers: after receiving your"nap" plan, I began to practice from my home, morning odds from the newspaper and scraches over the phone, then at hialeah park, yesterday my wife and I went to the track and using your never again, 4 point spread, we played the 3rd. race...38 to win and exacta 386...# 3 paid $ 18.20 and the exacta 38 $ 96.20!!...Notice that I did not follow the 4 horse exacta, as I should have...your plan is great! With no greed, control and good money management, we can make good money investments! Happy Easter!!. Emile 

Dear Sprint and  Cathy,

Last week I purchased the Nap system and I had a few questions that maybe you could answer for me.  First of all I want to tell you that Nap is the most
fantastic winning system I have ever used.  I have been testing it at Aqu. Fl, Crc,Pha and some programs from Sar. from last summer.  This thing boggles
my mind.  It is hitting around 70% winners on top and exactas.  Prices ranging from $4 to $23.
This coming week I hope to be playing for real.  I would have never believed it If I didn't see it, but it takes only 30 seconds to get your picks.  I
have been looking at it to play at OTB and it works !  You really don't have to be at the track even though it would help in some instances.  Your web ad
is for real and you have my permission to quote me on this. 
Thanks again,  Mike


I recently purchased your Never Again Plan betting method. I have had some good success early on using it exactly as stated. Recently I applied it to Pick 3's and Pk 4's. I hit 3 Pk 3's and a Pk 4 on the same day on the first time out.  Though the tickets were small, I made a ROI of at least 200% profit from
each play. 


Hello Sprint and Cathy; 
I'm really impressed with NAP which I purchased from you  I'm impressed to say the least ....

I've done a small testing on NAP since I got it and it did very well at Santa Anita today. Thanks so much. 


Dear Cathy And Sprint,

You have great system, have used it once and landed a $11.60 winner.
N R - Australia

Never again plan

This is a great system and I've had good results..
Best wishes.

R P. Nottingham England

I subscribe to the Never Again Plan two months ago and applied the method. Wow the striking rate is enough to make me a consistent winner. Thank you very much.

L. F.M  -

Thank you and thanx for all the winnings... well lets say 55-60% that is so yea cool.  
  Thanks, J O

Dear Cathy/Sprint,

Hi!-Downloaded NAP today, just in time for Arlington Park--Won 2-@ $9.80-and $11.80!!--Thanks for your patience!! W. K.

Cool beans! 1st week bet 4 races investing $95 and won $189.


Hi sprint,

i purchased nap it has performed well on the race tracks of australia for me.(I live in new zealand).Flat bets return a good r.o.i. and my punting friends cannot beleive how i do it.When i breifly explain they shrug their shoulders & laugh it off...........to their PERIL!!!!!!(Say no more!!)  Thanks, Grant

Thanks for the NAP. I am getting about 40% to 50% strike rate using both plans, plus a couple good exactas now and then.
One dividend the other day paid $17.30 in Race 3 at Canterbury, NSW. Have watched your broadcast transmission and it is excellent. I think I should change countries to live
in! :- Allan - Australia

Subject: NAP
Sprint and Cathy,

Ok, I'm hooked.  I bought and printed out your NAP yesterday and went to my local track (Sam Houston) and played Sam Houston and Turfway.  I was up $300 on $20 bets at one time because of wins and an exacta ($2 box)
using the NAP system but gave back 1/2 of my profit using another method I was testing.  But still a $150 profit on what could be considered a test day is VERY good.  This best part was standing up several races in a
row and walking over to the automated tote machine to cash my tickets. The old hands that are there every day kept staring at me.  (I'm less than a year into this game). I'll be looking into your Anniversary Special
very soon if this keeps up.-  L.F.


Just purchased the Never Again Plan yesterday and won about 50 dollars at Gulfstream. BUT TODAY....I HIT A $104.00 horse at Aqueduct !! I guess I can say it paid for itself 25 times over since I picked up about a grand !!. Thanks a million and update your testimonials to include this one.

Hi. Sprint&Cathy Rogers.
Just want to thank you for your NEVER AGAIN PLAN. It is the best thing that I have bought. Over the years I have spent well over $
20,OOO for computer programs etc. with no great results. I know its early days yetbut I have had one losing day out of five days, which was minute.  I can truly say that the NEVER EVER PLAN works here in Australia.
 Once again.
 - Regards M V.L

Sprint, Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for a great product. I have used the never again plan twice and have won $140 and
$175. the plan is hitting at about a 75% to 80% clip. Thanks and keep up the good work. Sincerely, J W

Hi! Cathy,
Just a quick note to let you know I received "nap" today--played 3 races @ Finger-lakes. results are as followed-  #2 paid $7.40--#6 paid $3.30 and #11 paid $27.00!!!!- exacta $72.50!!!!!--- I should have skipped #6, but  I''m still learning--I do not like to play 2-horses per race, but I like payoffs like these. Thanks Wk. Thanks!

I purchased the Never Again Plan and I have not been disappointed.  I have been playing it on paper and trying to master its rules for the last few weeks.  The results of my workouts with it had been slightly positive, until this afternoon, when only one race at Philadelphia Park was a valid play, the 7th.  Needless to say, I am now quite impressed since the system had both the $25.80 winner and the $270.60 exacta, for just a $16 bet. Your system is a great product, and unlike most horse racing products on the market, I am very satisfied with it. DB

Been have been testing out your system (Never Again Plan) and its looks real good Yesterday hit 3 wins and 3 exa total of 41.20 ,165.40, 21.40. $15.00 win horse, $24.20 win and $3.60. Thank you.  John

Cathy - My initial results for the Never Again Plan are looking good. Seeing 60 % winning races on average. One other thing - a friend of mine is using a program that produces an odds line that is very impressive - better than anything he as seen in 10 years - and we have looked at a lot. He then looks for overlays and is doing well - avg 40 % ROI. Have not tried Never Again Approach with this software line - but in your opinion shouldn't the performance be even better with superior line?? Your comments on the above would be much appreciated - would love to treat you both to lunch/dinner when we are both in LV - I'm there on a weekly basis playing. I have to be honest with you - when I first looked at the method, I thought to myself this can't work - but so far, I have been proven wrong. Have you tested this on Harness or Dogs? - Dan

Have your NAP, as well as your Exacta Pro Plus. I particularly like the NAP on dogs. When you said it worked on the pups, I really had some doubts. However, it really seems to be something worthwhile. A.D

I've been brainstorming the Never Again Plan system in the last couple of days and I am very impressed by early "paper" results. I've been studying a myriad of systems in the last couple of years and most seem to have some logistics/reasoning behind them. Now, I know you don't have to answer any questions; but the curiosity is killing me. Is the NAP method based on any logistics/statistics rather than "oh, well it works, but we don't know why". I don't want or need any specifics; just tell me anything so I can go to sleep tonight. A one-liner will do. Thanks. - Dan C

The purpose of these testimonials is not to suggest that everyone has such great results, but to bring to your attention that many have. We can assure you that each testimonial is true and has been written without being solicited by the Professional Handicappers Association.