QUESTION: As was mentioned by your Association there has been more than 30 years of research and work using sound handicapping factors such as pace, speed, class, distance, trainers, variants and more to put together the professional works of your Association, how is it possible for your Association to discard all of the information that is available in the Racing Form or racing download services and still be able to pick consistent winners with just the morning line of the track program?

ANSWER: The track program/morning line is put together by handicappers that in most tracks in the country have more knowledge than 98 % of the racing fans that attend the races. The principles of the NEVER AGAIN PLAN is to allow these experts to do all the work on our behalf. We let them be the judge of pace, speed, class, distance, inside information, etc. When these handicappers put together their morning line in most cases they are separating the contenders from the pretenders. Through countless hours of research we have been able to take the contenders through their morning line and apply a mathematical procedure which through grouping of the horses in 4 groups allows us to immediately narrow the field down to the possible winner in both win and exotic plays. For you skeptics that have a hard time understanding that letting someone else do our work, for us is to our advantage. Remember the ones that are putting together the morning line are the professionals being paid to do just that. What we have been able to discover through the Never Again Plan is how to capitalize on their work that's by picking their horses in a different order. I hope this covers all your doubts, fears and suspicions because the Never Again Plan uses time tested handicapping methods which has been done by the program's handicapper.

QUESTION: What is your ROI and Win Percent, etc., etc., etc.?

ANSWER: By visiting our site you probably noticed that we have our computer programs, as well as the Never Again Plan. The computer programs are the methodology primarily used for our Personal play. There are times however, that we choose to use one method over the others or even elect to combine all methods of play. Through the years of professional play we have learned not to concern ourselves with ROI or win percents. We have learned that the 2 major factors that cause good handicappers to be losers was greed and lack of control. So we got rid of both. We've learned to play to win a pre-set days pay and quit. The bottom line is to make it and stop no matter how many plays we have remaining.

It is always adviseable to use a sound money management program with any method of play. A suggestion however is to only play when the return is worthy of the investment. It is very rare that we will invest in a single horse play when the odds are less than 3-1.