by "Sprint" and Cathy Rogers

Winning NO HANDICAPPING Selection Method for Thoroughbred Horse Racing,  Quarter Horse Racing, Harness Racing, and Dog Racing



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Who Are We?

Hi Racing Fans, this is "Sprint" Rogers of Professional Handicappers. Thank you for dropping by our site. I would like you to do me a favor and that is to allow me the next few minutes of your time so that I may tell you a little about myself, so that you will be able to believe what I'm going to tell you.

But first of all please read what just a few of our many SATISFIED CUSTOMERS have to say  - CLICK HERE

As I mentioned, my name is "Sprint" Rogers and my credentials in the handicapping business are very extensive (since 1975). How I got involved in handicapping horses is by working day in and day out on researching the sport. In fact, I spent eleven years of researching horses. I bought everything I could possibly get my hands on that was in print about playing the horses. What was unique about my work is that it was only a hobby, you see I never had been to a racetrack before my study and I never went to a racetrack during my entire eleven years of work. I just had an inquisitive mind and I guess I just wanted to find out if it was possible to win. My curiosity was rewarded because for the next five years my wife Cathy who is also my business Associate and I lived a wonderful and exciting life playing the horses in Florida. Boy, was that the life back then.

Well, to make a long story short, after 5 years we found that we wanted to do more with our lives then just play the horses. We decided because we both enjoyed people and traveling to teach our findings to other racing fans throughout the country. So in 1975 we founded the Professional Handicappers Association and for the next 18 years, we traveled the country teaching folks from all walks of life how to play the horses intelligently.

We have written books, produced videos and developed handicapping programs. We taught pace, class, speed, distance. We looked at early speed, closing speed, daily variants, workouts and breeding. Believe me, we used it all. We even have our own download service for our computer program which analyzes many of the above handicapping factors including the conditions of the animal and the conditions of the races. We did it all and found out one very important thing, and that is that there was never any one factor or point of referral that picked consisted winners. Everything won sometimes, but no one thing won enough.

Pace didn't win often enough by itself, overlays didn't work, speed and class both won some times, jockeys and trainers by themselves was nothing also. We eventually won consistently because we combined many factors into a race. We developed our own pace lines, our own speed ratings and class ratings as well as power ratings. We even developed our own power workout ratings. But we didn't stop there. During our 18 years of teaching seminars and in the four years since we looked long and hard at our competition. We looked at the works of Sartin, Quirin, Beyers, Quinn, Trackmaster, Thorograph, Bloodstock Research and more.

The reason I'm telling you all of this is so that you totally understand that we have been there and done that. I want you to understand that I know what you are thinking. Remember, Cathy and I have lectured to tens of thousands of racing fans and at last count our mailing list had exceeded 40,000. We know all about the beliefs and disbeliefs of true racing fans.

We have spent weekends at the track playing with everyone that we have ever taught. Believe me when I tell you that I know that it is going to be hard for you to believe what I am going to tell you next. But the most important thing at this time for you to realize is that you must close your eyes on all of your thoughts about handicapping. Especially if you have any in the area of the odds at post time, because many of your selections are going to be going off at such high odds that you will want to make changes in your choices.

Please read the following carefully. There are no typos and I have not taken leave of my senses. I am stating to you as a Professional Handicapper who has been involved in the sport of racing for 38 years that the Never Again Plan as outlined does pick consistent winners.

Good Luck and Good Handicapping,

"Sprint" Rogers


The NO HANDICAPPING Selection Method

A morning line/probable odds numerical application for WINNING SELECTIONS for Thoroughbred Horses, Quarter Horses, Trotters and Dog Racing.

  • NEVER AGAIN Buy a Daily Racing Form.
  • NEVER AGAIN Handicap a Race.
  • NEVER AGAIN Burn the Midnight Oil studying all the information on the races to be played.
  • NEVER AGAIN Buy an Expensive or Inexpensive Computer Program.
  • NEVER AGAIN pay any company for their computer Download Service.
  • NEVER AGAIN pay any race tout $25.00 a day and more for selections that sometimes win.
  • NEVER AGAIN pay for Trainer Reports.
  • NEVER AGAIN pay for any type of Rating service.
  • NEVER AGAIN look at jockeys.
  • NEVER AGAIN look at class.
  • NEVER AGAIN look at distance.
  • NEVER AGAIN look at track biases.

Whether you are playing the Thoroughbreds, the Quarter horses, the Trotters or the Dogs you NEVER AGAIN have to spend your valuable time or money buying or figuring out any system or service.

The NEVER AGAIN Plan works for any of the above type races in the world that gives access to a morning line/probable odds.

If you are of normal intelligence like the authors of this selection method, your first instinct will be to burn this ad and/or to be a non believer of what is contained in this material. Do yourself a favor. Don't be stubborn or hard headed. Don't think you know all the answers or you have to know all the answers. You don't have to know why this selection method works. The important thing is that when you apply it you will see by the results that it does work. And don't think this is just playing the 2nd or 3rd morning line odds. It is NOT !! It will really amaze you!!


The NEVER AGAIN PLAN is amazingly simple. It will only take you 5 to 10 minutes to master. In fact, all you look for is only one factor and if it's there you have a play which is a probable winning race.

The NEVER AGAIN PLAN is not new. It has been used by a select group of horseplayers since 1992. It has passed the test of time for others and now it's your time.

The Never Again Plan comes with complete instructions including 1 full week's workouts (5 days) with step by step explanation of each race. The results of this week's workouts are staggering. How about 75 % wins!!!




ONLY $39.95!




    April 21, 2012 -  Just wanted to drop you a note made 46.00 on my first try at keenland, The monkeys off my back at that place finally.


    Subject: Today at the track!!

    Just wanted to give you an updated testimonial for the Never Again Plan.

    Spent the afternoon at the today.  Used the never again system exclusively and followed the rules of it and the total control investing. Netted a profit of $40.  Not much, but good for me as a small timer. The amazing thing was that I won close to 50% of the races I played. Also amazing was how well it worked for the Greyhounds. I hit a $50 and $60 exacta plus several $10 winners. Great system, I don't how you figured that out, but IT WORKS!!! C - Fort Myers FL

    Subject: Re:never again plan

     Sprint & Cathy,

          Almost one week ago I purchased your never again plan and I must say the results have been remarkable to game plan is to take the longest odds of the two horses getting 5-1 or more odds...I find this is working with  much success both with the trotters and thoroughbreds. regards paul

    Hi Sprint just a little note to tell you about last nights 1st. race at the Meadowlands 3/24. I come up with the 7, 9 horses which I played (thank god),  The 7, 9 hit cold......... 7 paid 51.80 to win and the 9 paid 28.00 for 2nd. and the exacta. paid $ 1,793.40 Thank you again so much for such a great plan                  Ron

    Hi Cathy & Sprint;
    I bought the never again plan from you about  3 to 4 months ago. leaving it on the shelf for future use, I was a fool, if I'd have used it then I'd have been thousands richer!
    I can tell you I've lost thousands following other racing guru's , who's systems never work.
    when I first tested your system I was skeptical to say the least, now I can't believe how good it is at selecting winners and sometimes 2nd & 3rd's  in the same race! You are the best, if only I could have found your site earlier. thank you ! It's like having a genie at my disposal, I'm also learning even after a couple of days how to improve on my selections, by checking the results from previous days races. I want to come and shake your hand, you are the best thing that ever happened to me, thanks Cathy & Sprint  from the bottom of my heart. - Jim

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